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4 Traffic Ticket Mistakes

A traffic ticket can quickly turn a good day into a rotten one if you make any of the traffic tick mistakes we discuss here. Most people have an opinion about how to handle a traffic stop or a police encounter. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information online regarding your rights and what to do if you have received a ticket.
Whether you plan to contest your traffic ticket, or you just want to know your rights, here are a few things you should know about traffic tickets.

Refusing to Sign the Ticket

Some people claim – wrongly – that you should never sign a traffic ticket because doing so counts as an admission of guilt. This is not only inaccurate, it could potentially make your case worse. You don’t admit to anything by signing a traffic ticket. When you sign it, you merely acknowledge that you received it and will appear in court when and if required.

Ignoring the Ticket Is One Of The Most Common Traffic Ticket Mistakes

It’s human nature to avoid things that are difficult, unpleasant, or annoying. You may not want to think about your ticket, but adopting a head in the sand approach is a very bad idea. Not only will your ticket not go away, ignoring it could land you in serious trouble.

Throwing the Ticket Away When You Move (or Ignoring an Out of State Ticket)

If you move out of state, don’t assume your ticket stays behind. Nearly every state in the country, including Texas, is a member of the Driver License Compact, which allows the states to exchange information about traffic violations and license suspensions. Always address a ticket as soon as possible, whether you plan to move out of Texas or you received a ticket while you were vacationing in another state.

Not Speaking with an Attorney

Many people pay traffic tickets, even when they believe the police officer was wrong to issue it. Police officers are human, and they make mistakes just like anyone else. They are susceptible to illness, fatigue, inclement weather conditions, and bad moods. If you would like to contest a traffic ticket, don’t assume it is a lost cause. Call Mark Diaz today at (409) 572-8095 to discuss your case.

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