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Author: Mark Diaz

How Lighting Reduces Violent Crime

Jul 30, 2021
Crime rates in Texas and throughout the U.S. may fluctuate over time, but the law enforcement community is always seeking new tactics, methods, and strategies for apprehending suspects. Though many...

If You’ve Been Convicted of a Crime Stay Off Social Media

Jul 30, 2021
After being arrested and convicted of a crime in Texas, you probably assume that your experience with the criminal justice system concludes after you meet the requirements of your sentence....

What Is Considered A Controlled Substance In Texas?

Jul 28, 2021
With all the legal details, statutory definitions, and evidence issues involved with drug crimes, many people tend to overlook one basic component of the criminal case: Exactly what is considered...

DUI Treatment For First-Time Offenders What You Need to Know

Jul 22, 2021
Everybody knows it’s wrong to drink and drive. Not only is driving under the influence a crime, but it is also a grave threat to the safety of the driver...

Galveston Criminal Attorney Discusses Definition of Possession of a Controlled Substance And Due Process

Jul 14, 2021
    What does it mean to be found in possession of a controlled substance? While that is a very broad question, I can give you some general rules about...

Reasons You Should Never Defend Yourself In Court

Jul 6, 2021
If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, you will no doubt at least consider representing yourself as a pro se defendant at some point. There are a few reasons...

How Difficult Is Expungement In Texas?

Jul 6, 2021
If you were arrested and/or convicted on Texas criminal charges, served your sentence through incarceration, and paid all related fines and restitution, you probably think the criminal process is over....

Galveston Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses New Texas Open Carry Law

Jun 23, 2021
  Texas New Open Carry Law Some people call it constitutional carry, some people call it open carry, I’m going to stay out of the politics of it, I don’t...

Can a Felony be Expunged in Texas?

Jun 21, 2021
If you have a felony arrest as part of your criminal record in Texas, it is likely you have already faced significant challenges due to your past. A felony arrest...

Galveston Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Recent Criminal Events On The Island

Jun 11, 2021
Crime in Galveston County runs the gamut from DWI and cannabis possession to breaking ann entering and murder. Here we are discussing some recent crimes on Galveston Island and elsewhere...
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