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Author: Mark Diaz

First Time Drug Possession Charges In Texas

Apr 3, 2023
At least 120,000 people in Texas are charged with drug crimes annually. While a first-time offender might get off lighter than a repeat offender, the last thing you want on...

What You Should Know Before Exercising Your Texas Open Carry Rights

Mar 27, 2023
On Sept. 1, 2021, it became legal in Texas for those 21 and older to carry a handgun openly or without a permit in a holster. The law was modified...

What Items Are Considered Drug Paraphernalia in Texas?

Mar 20, 2023
It is against the law in Texas to possess, sell, or manufacture drug paraphernalia. This article includes many things. Being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia can often come with...

Preventing Unnecessary Shooting Deaths With Responsible Gun Ownership

Mar 13, 2023
Americans have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. While this right is subject to reasonable restrictions at the state and federal level, it means that as many as...

What You Need To Know If Attending Spring Break In Galveston

Mar 6, 2023
Spring break at the beach in Galveston offers college students plenty of fun, sun, and relaxation. However, many college students drink and use drugs when on spring break. As a...

Assault With A Deadly Weapon Sentence In Texas

Feb 27, 2023
If you are charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Galveston County, you face years in prison, thousands in fines, and a permanent criminal record that could hold you...

Mark Diaz Discusses Mardi Gras Weekend Arrests In Galveston

Feb 22, 2023
Hey happy Fat Tuesday, everybody. We made it to the second weekend of Mardi Gras. I ran the arrests as I did for the first weekend. Looks like we had...

Galveston Arrests over Mardi Gras Weekend

Feb 21, 2023
Hello everybody and happy Valentine’s Day 2023. Those of you that live here in the county know that it’s Mardi Gras. Last weekend was the first weekend, next weekend will...

Is Drug Trafficking In Texas Increasing?

Feb 20, 2023
Texas shares a 1,000-mile border with Mexico and has a high level of illegal drug activity in this area. Drug trafficking has increased in the United States for years, and...

How Texas Classifies Domestic Violence And Family Violence

Feb 13, 2023
Domestic violence and family violence deal with illegal physical abuse. However, there are several ways this abuse occurs under Texas law. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it...
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