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Author: Mark Diaz

Adrian Peterson Indictment: Legal Parental Discipline or Criminal Act?

Sep 22, 2014
Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson was recently indicted by a Montgomery County, Texas grand jury on charges of Injury to a Child arising out of his use of...

Hack a Computer, Pick a Pocket, or Falsify Information: No Matter How You Do It, Credit Card Fraud is a Major Felony

Sep 15, 2014
Once again, a major retailer has announced that it has been hacked and the credit card and personal information of its customers put at risk. Home Depot has become the...

What is a Grand Jury? Perry Indictment Puts Process in the Spotlight

Aug 30, 2014
As you likely know, Texas Governor Rick Perry was recently indicted on two felony charges of abusing his official powers. The indictment was made by a grand jury after four...

Texas Sex Offender Registration: A Life-long Consequence of Many Convictions

Aug 20, 2014
In June of this year, the national conference of RSOL met in Dallas. RSOL stands for Reform Sex Offender Laws, and the participants from across the country were there to...

New Texas Criminal Laws Take Effect September 1st

Aug 10, 2014
A number of new criminal laws that were passed by the Texas legislature and signed by Governor Perry take effect on September 1st, 2014. These laws address a number of...

Entrapment as a Defense in Texas: When Being “Set Up” Goes Too Far

Jul 31, 2014
It is a staple of movies and TV shows: the police undercover operation or “sting.” From “To Catch a Predator” to “American Hustle,” we see law enforcement actively creating scenarios...

False Confessions by Juveniles: New Study Proposes Changes to Prevent Grave Injustices

Jul 17, 2014
Earlier this year, Daniel Villegas of El Paso was released after 18 years in prison. Villegas lost almost two decades of his life after being convicted of two murders he...

You Are Entitled to a Public Defender. Why You Should Hire a Private Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Instead

Jun 25, 2014
The constitutions of the United States and the state of Texas provide that if you can’t afford a defense attorney when facing criminal charges, you are entitled to an attorney...

U.S. Supreme Court: If You’ve Been Arrested, Police Cannot Search Your Phone Without a Warrant

Jun 2, 2014
Given that 90% of Americans now carry cell phones, it is likely that the overwhelming majority of the 12 million people arrested in the U.S. every year have their phones...

Leaving the Past Behind: Non-Disclosure of Criminal Records And Expunction in Texas

May 10, 2014
Every day in Texas, citizens with criminal records are denied employment because of their criminal history. According to a recent study, 88% of employers conduct criminal background checks on applicants....
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