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Category: Criminal Defense Lawyer

What You Need To Know About Drug Manufacturing Laws In Texas

Feb 18, 2021
Drug Manufacturing Laws In Texas It is one thing to get arrested for possessing a couple of marijuana joints. But it is quite another to be charged with a drug...

How Common Are False Charges In Domestic Violence Cases?

Feb 10, 2021
False Domestic Violence Charges Are Not Uncommon Every relationship has its ups and downs. Even happy, long-term marriages include a certain amount of disagreements and fighting. But when a relationship...

What Is the Difference Between Homicide And Manslaughter?

Jan 27, 2021
Homicide vs. Manslaughter When a person’s actions result in the death of another human being, prosecutors may charge that person with some type of homicide under the Texas Penal Code....

Drug Possession Charges in Texas and Their Cost

Jan 14, 2021
In Texas, drug possession is a serious criminal offense. Texas has some of the most stringent drug laws in the entire country. If you are arrested on Galveston drug possession...

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges

Oct 14, 2020
A criminal conviction can have serious consequences for the alleged offender, both direct and indirect. The direct consequences are generally found within the state and federal criminal codes. They include...

Overview of the Criminal Process in Texas

Aug 12, 2020
Being accused of a crime is stressful, frightening, and confusing. Even if you haven’t been arrested just yet, it is imperative you take immediate action. You do not want to...

Understanding Court Terminology

May 20, 2020
Unfortunately, in some cases, people run into issues because they do not understand the meaning or implications of certain court terminology as it relates to a criminal case. If you...

Entrapment as a Defense in Texas: When Being “Set Up” Goes Too Far

Jul 31, 2014
It is a staple of movies and TV shows: the police undercover operation or “sting.” From “To Catch a Predator” to “American Hustle,” we see law enforcement actively creating scenarios...
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