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Category: Criminal Defense Lawyer

What are the Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Texas?

Jan 5, 2022
When you know that Texas has some of the toughest controlled substances laws in the U.S., you can guess the penalties for drug trafficking will be severe. The details depend...

Galveston Criminal Attorney Discusses His Criminal Defense Law Practice

Nov 18, 2021
Mark Diaz and Associates I don’t have a typical topic today like I often do. Usually, I’ll take a question from someone and try to answer it in the context...

How to Get a Drug Paraphernalia Charge Dropped in Texas

Nov 4, 2021
Drug Paraphernalia Charges In Texas It is obvious that someone will face criminal charges for certain activities in connection with controlled substances, but you might be surprised to learn how...

Is Robbery a Misdemeanor or a Felony?

Oct 11, 2021
Typically, when someone asks a question with two alternative answers, the proper response will be one or the other. Unfortunately, you may not get such a clear-cut reply when you...

How Street Racing Can End in Serious Charges

Sep 30, 2021
There can be no doubt that Hollywood has attracted many to the need for speed through action-packed films that end with a victory lap and trophy for the winner. However,...

Galveston Federal Criminal Attorney Discusses Federal and State Criminal Court

Sep 22, 2021
The Difference Between Federal Versus State Criminal Defense Generally speaking, federal court and state court are just two completely different animals. Federal Court is very formal, very structured, and has...

How Common Are Galveston Shooting Crimes?

Sep 20, 2021
While it might seem like an easy process to review crime reports, assess data, and crunch the numbers to determine the frequency of Galveston shooting crimes, getting an accurate picture...

Galveston Criminal Attorney Discusses Court Appointed VS. Retained Counsel

Sep 14, 2021
What is the difference between a court-appointed vs a private attorney? I recently had an email exchange with a woman who wanted to retain new counsel for her husband, which...

What Are the Ramifications of the Texas Three Strike Law?

Aug 26, 2021
In every U.S. state and under the federal criminal justice system, a person arrested on criminal charges will generally face harsher punishment when he or she has served a prison...

Galveston Defense Attorney Gives Reasons Not To Talk To The Police Without A Lawyer

Aug 23, 2021
    It would seem to me that this should be obvious enough. You would be surprised how often I get calls from people wanting to be questioned by the...
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