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Category: Drug Possession Lawyer

Will A Medical Marijuana Card From Another State Protect Me In Texas?

Aug 14, 2023
Legal medical marijuana use is more common in the US today, but there are many questions about its legality in Texas. For example, can you use a medical marijuana card...

What Impact Will Texas Medical Cannabis Law Have On Recreational Cannabis?

Jun 19, 2023
Texas laws on cannabis are in flux, and there is considerable confusion about what is legal and what is not. Since 2019, the state legislature has legalized some forms of...

What Items Are Considered Drug Paraphernalia in Texas?

Mar 20, 2023
It is against the law in Texas to possess, sell, or manufacture drug paraphernalia. This article includes many things. Being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia can often come with...

How You Can Be Charged For Drugs Not In Your Physical Possession?

Oct 31, 2022
If law enforcement conducts a legal search and finds drugs, you can be charged with possessing a controlled substance. But many people do not realize you still can be convicted...

How Likely is Cannabis Decriminalization in Texas?

Sep 27, 2022
It is a loaded question that is fraught with controversy. Still, more people than ever are asking if Texas cannabis laws will change as a result of national trends toward...
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