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Getting the Charges Against You Dropped or Dismissed

Jun 15, 2016
Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you are guaranteed to end up with a criminal record. Never assume your case is hopeless or a...

Does Texas Have a Three Strikes Law?

May 15, 2016
When most people hear the term “three strikes law,” they usually think of California, which has been the subject of much controversy over the years. What you may not know...

What Is Parole?

Apr 15, 2016
Watch any crime or legal drama on TV, and you are likely to hear the word “parole.” Many people have a vague idea of what it means, but they aren’t...

Texas’ New Open Carry Law

Mar 15, 2016
You may have heard about Texas House Bill 910, which became effective on January 1, 2016. The new law makes it legal to openly carry handguns in Texas. If you...

Simple Assault Is Not Always So Simple

Feb 15, 2016
When you hear the words “simple assault,” you might picture a scuffle in a bar or a quick fight involving a couple of punches. The phrase doesn’t necessarily sound like...

What Are Miranda Rights?

Jan 15, 2016
“You have the right to remain silent…” It’s something most people can easily recite after seeing a few crime dramas on television. But what are Miranda rights, really? Where do...

What Are the Most Common Federal Crimes?

Dec 28, 2015
Many criminal offenses are prosecuted at the state level, but the federal government has jurisdiction over certain crimes. Because federal convictions often result in more severe sentences, it is very...

How Common Is Assault Against Men?

Dec 11, 2015
In Texas, an individual can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony assault depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime. Under the Penal Code, a person can be charged...

5 Facts about Cocaine

Nov 24, 2015
Cocaine is a common recreational drug, but many people are unaware of its long and sometimes shocking history. Although most people know cocaine is an illegal substance that is incredibly...

The Police Called Me. What Should I Do?

Oct 26, 2015
Getting a phone call from a police officer or detective can be a frightening experience. If you have been contacted by law enforcement authorities informing you that you are under...
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