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Choosing the Right Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make All The Difference. Here’s What to Look For.

Choosing the Right Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experience, Cost, and Results

When you are caught up in the Texas criminal justice system, you’re faced with many choices that can impact the course of your ordeal: Should I speak with the police? How should I plead? Should I negotiate with prosecutors? Should I take the stand in my own defense? Each one of these choices is significant, but more than any other, your choice of a Texas criminal defense lawyer can make the biggest difference as to whether you regain your life or face the loss of your reputation, career, or freedom.

Years of experience handling cases like yours, legal fees charged, and reputation for favorable results are all key factors in choosing the right lawyer to defend your case. Make sure the lawyer you hire to represent you is known for aggressively defending clients, successfully obtaining acquittals and withdrawals of criminal charges, and negotiating reasonable plea bargains.

Questions you should always ask when looking for a Texas criminal defense lawyer are:

  1. How long have you practiced criminal law in Texas?
  2. Is your practice primarily focused on criminal defense?
  3. How many people have you represented with cases like mine?
  4. In how many cases like mine have you achieved favorable results?
  5. Will you personally handle my case or will someone else in your office work on it?
  6. How much will you charge to represent me?
  7. Do you offer payment plans?
  8. How long does it usually take to defend a case like this one?

How Do I Find a Good Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Professional reputation as well as feeling comfortable with a lawyer should be the primary factors one looks at when selecting a lawyer to defend your criminal case. One of the best ways to identify a lawyer with a strong reputation for getting favorable results is to ask your network, including your social media network, for referrals. The best referral source is someone who has been in a similar situation and had a successful case outcome. Another way to find the right lawyer for your case is through Internet research. Membership and participation in professional and bar associations is also a good indicator of a solid reputation as a criminal lawyer.

Personal Qualities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Are Also Important

Great criminal defense lawyers have a solid knowledge of both Texas and federal criminal law and procedure, understand the nuances of the local court system, and are familiar with the likely approaches and strategies of local prosecutors. Additionally, the best defense lawyers possess the following qualities:

  1. Tenacity and aggressiveness
  2. Fair-dealing
  3. Ability to explain case options in plain language
  4. Willingness to challenge authority
  5. Problem-solving skills
  6. Compassion
  7. Patience and accessibility
  8. Non-judgmental
  9. Passion for justice

By hiring a criminal defense lawyer possessing these personal qualities, you are more likely to obtain a successful outcome in your criminal case.

Mark Diaz: Aggressive and Affordable Houston/Galveston Criminal Defense Lawyer

I’m Texas criminal defense lawyer Mark Diaz, and if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in the Houston/Galveston area who combines the professional and personal qualities you need to give you the best chance of reclaiming your life, please give me a call. Criminal defense is all I do, and in over 15 years of practice, I have handled every type of criminal case out there. Whether you are facing a minor misdemeanor or a first-degree felony, I have the skills necessary to protect your rights. You don’t have to face the courts alone. Depending on the type of charges filed against you, I can petition the court to suppress evidence, exclude testimony, and even dismiss the charges altogether.

Whereas some other attorneys may try to avoid court at any cost, I truly enjoy litigation and the opportunity to vindicate my clients. If your case requires a full trial, I will not hesitate to see it through. Call me for a free consultation today at (409) 515-6170.

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