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Mark Diaz Discusses Mardi Gras Weekend Arrests In Galveston

By: Mark Diaz February 22, 2023 no comments

Mark Diaz Discusses Mardi Gras Weekend Arrests In Galveston

Hey happy Fat Tuesday, everybody. We made it to the second weekend of Mardi Gras. I ran the arrests as I did for the first weekend. Looks like we had a total of 194 arrests Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Beat last weekend by about 11, I think we had 183 last weekend. This weekend we had 59 on Friday, 66 on Saturday, and 69 on Sunday.

Friday, which was our lightest day, we had five DWI arrests. Not a whole lot about Friday jumped out at me except for there was an arrest for a murder on Friday, which I don’t remember hearing about over the weekend. I don’t know if it was a new case or an older case. I can only see that someone was arrested for murder on Friday.

Saturday, was a little more interesting. We had a total of 6 DWIs. There were two that stood out to me in there, unrelated to each other. Two of the people that were arrested for DWI also ended up being charged with assault on a police officer. Which means they were trying to fight their way out of an arrest. There was a separate person charged with the assault of a peace officer only. Apparently, people got rowdy with the police this weekend. DWI arrest was just one more than Friday night. So I guess that’s pretty normal.

Sunday we had a total of seven DWI arrests. 18 arrests over the weekend for DWI, a fairly high number. I don’t know if it’s because of the increased DWI patrolling that’s being done. Or if it was somehow connected to Mardi Gras with the number of people that came to Mardi Gras drinking beer.

Two other charges stood out to me. Two people were charged with racing on a highway. Racing on the seawall. I don’t know anything about the cases other than to tell you that I have seen this charge abused, so to speak. There is a difference between racing and two friends driving beside each other and speeding down the road.

I don’t know what these two young men were doing. One of them was 17 years old, and one of them was 20. It’s the same time and location, so they’re both accused of racing each other. I’d be interested to know if they were actually racing, or if they were just going way too fast out on the seawall. Of course, it is possible they were racing. As I said, I don’t know the facts charged with that case, but that was a little after midnight.

Those are the numbers. We’ve made it through Mardi Gras. Today’s Fat Tuesday. Today is officially the end of Mardi Gras. Tonight, there’ll be some more activity downtown, but most people I know who participate in Fat Tuesday are locals. I wouldn’t expect too much police activity tonight. Yesterday it was more of a family day for Mardi Gras with the kids’ parade and the dog and cat parade. So that wraps up Mardi Gras for this year. Y’all have a good week, and I’ll be back next week with a new topic.

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