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Tag: Assault

What Are the Penalties for Assault Causing Bodily Injury in Texas?

Oct 15, 2021
No matter what circumstances led to an arrest for an assault in Texas, you could be facing serious punishment if you are convicted on the charges. Assault has many forms...

How An Assault Conviction Can Affect Your Life

Mar 26, 2021
Nobody wants a criminal charge on their record. In fact, even a single conviction can turn a person’s life upside down and cause rippling effects that last well beyond any...

Simple Assault Is Not Always So Simple

Feb 15, 2016
When you hear the words “simple assault,” you might picture a scuffle in a bar or a quick fight involving a couple of punches. The phrase doesn’t necessarily sound like...

How Common Is Assault Against Men?

Dec 11, 2015
Assault against men is more common than people think. In Texas, an individual can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony assault depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime....
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