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Tag: Controlled Substance

Penalty Group 1 of Texas Controlled Substance Penalty Groups

Jun 2, 2022
Even if you do not have a legal background, you may be aware that federal law and the statutes in most US states establish a system for categorizing illegal drugs....

Possession Of A Controlled Substance | Fighting Drug Charges In Texas

Oct 7, 2021
What Actually Happens If A Texas Drug Charges Case Goes to Trial? On average, you can expect your Texas drug charges case to last around the one-year mark, from the...

What Is Considered A Controlled Substance In Texas?

Jul 28, 2021
With all the legal details, statutory definitions, and evidence issues involved with drug crimes, many people tend to overlook one basic component of the criminal case: Exactly what is considered...

What Are the Penalties for Possession of a Controlled Substance in Texas?

Jun 7, 2021
While any violation of Texas drug laws is an extremely serious matter, data indicates that the bulk of these cases involve possession charges. There are around 1.84 million arrests across...
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