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Tag: domestic violence

Things To Avoid When You Are Being Accused Of Domestic Violence

Apr 29, 2021
Arguments among spouses and other family members are not uncommon. Sometimes these arguments can get quite tense and emotional. But when a disagreement results in any form of physical violence,...

Domestic Violence In Texas Questions And Answers

Apr 19, 2021
Galveston domestic violence defense attorney Mark Diaz answers questions on Domestic Violence in Texas Do all domestic violence cases in Texas go to trial? No, many domestic violence cases plead...

How Common Are False Charges In Domestic Violence Cases?

Feb 10, 2021
False Domestic Violence Charges Are Not Uncommon Every relationship has its ups and downs. Even happy, long-term marriages include a certain amount of disagreements and fighting. But when a relationship...

Three Steps to Take If You’ve Been Charged With Domestic Violence in Texas

Jul 22, 2015
Being arrested and charged with domestic violence in Texas can be a traumatic experience. In Texas, domestic violence is part of a criminal charge referred to as “family violence.” Under...
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