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Tag: Drug Trafficking

How Does Law Enforcement Prove Drug Trafficking in Texas?

Jul 1, 2022
Police do not have the burden of proof in the same way as a prosecutor, but there are certain standards law enforcement must meet to arrest someone for drug trafficking...

Can You Be Charged For Selling Drugs In The Past?

Mar 3, 2022
It may not come as welcome news, but YES, due to Texas drug crimes law, you can be arrested for drug trafficking in Texas even if you engaged in the...

What are the Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Texas?

Jan 5, 2022
When you know that Texas has some of the toughest controlled substances laws in the U.S., you can guess the penalties for drug trafficking will be severe. The details depend...

How Different Is The Punishment For Drug Possession vs. Drug Trafficking?

Mar 19, 2021
Although public attitudes towards illicit drugs have softened in recent years, Texas still maintains some of the strictest anti-drug laws–and penalties–in the country. Even carrying a relatively small amount of...
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