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Tag: gun laws

What You Need To Know About New Texas Gun Laws

Dec 5, 2023
Texas has a long history with firearms, and it is generally known as a pro-gun state. If you live in or visit Texas, you should be aware of several gun...

Has There Been An Increase In Gun Violence With Open Carry Laws?

Nov 7, 2023
Texas required gun permits for many years for residents to carry open or concealed firearms. This law was changed recently, and the state has had ‘open carry’ or ‘constitutional carry’...

Texas Gun Laws and the Upsurge of Mass Shootings

Sep 5, 2022
FBI officials define “mass shootings” as events in which at least four victims are murdered through the use of a firearm by a lone gunman in a public place. Texas...

Texas Gun Laws in 2022

Aug 16, 2022
You might be aware that Texas gun laws are somewhat restrictive compared to statutes in other US states, but you may not realize that they also change on a relatively...
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