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Matthew Sloan

DWI Defense Lawyer

Matthew understands that a criminal conviction can impact someone for the rest of their life and that there is no substitute for one’s liberty. Merely being accused of a crime can severely impact someone’s life and Matthew takes such matters very seriously.

Fighting “the good fight” and representing people in times of difficulty is my passion.

Matthew’s Bio

Matthew Sloan was raised on the north side of Houston, where he attended Klein Oak High School. He graduated from the Abilene Christian University Honors College with a degree in journalism. After college, he attended Baylor Law School.

After obtaining his law degree from Baylor, Matt was offered employment as an Assistant District Attorney for the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office. In his first year of employment for the DA’s Office, Matt successfully managed a docket of over 500 misdemeanor cases. Of those 500 cases, a majority of them were DWI arrests. It was at that time Matt realized the incredible amount of effort that each individual DWI case took and also, what an incredible burden it places on each defendant’s life.

While at the DA’s Office, Matt was trained extensively to understand every part of a DWI arrest from start to finish. This training included: learning the methodology behind the standardized field sobriety tests that are present in nearly every DWI arrest, understanding and applying the science behind the testing of a person’s blood for alcohol concentration levels after the arrest, breaking down the basics of the intoxilyzer equipment used by police to test alcohol concentration levels from a breath specimen, and every other aspect of DWI cases. Matt’s training was invaluable then, and even more so now. Because he was trained to aggressively prosecute DWI’s as the State, he now knows exactly what to look for in defending his clients. He has firsthand knowledge of common errors made in these types of cases and that knowledge allows him to zealously fight for his clients and expose the State’s weaknesses in their case.

Matthew understands that fighting for the Constitutional rights of his clients protects our way of life. Facing criminal charges can be the most difficult time in a person’s life, and Matthew wants to help guide his clients’ to the best possible outcome.

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