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Thomas Overhouse

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Thomas understands the toll that being wrapped up in the criminal justice system can take on someone. From the point of being accused of a crime to the final disposition of a criminal charge can be overwhelmingly stressful and Thomas works tirelessly to take some of that burden off of his clients.

Thomas Overhouse Bio

In 2012, Thomas graduated summa cum laude from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Thomas attended South Texas College of Law and earned his law degree.

Thomas began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Misdemeanor Division of the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office. In his first year, Thomas managed large misdemeanor dockets consisting of a wide array of different misdemeanor charges. He handled these cases from beginning to end and often tried them to a jury.

After his first year, Thomas began to rise through the ranks and was promoted into the Felony Trial Bureau, ultimately earning the position of Senior Felony Prosecutor. While in the Felony Trial Bureau, Thomas handled hundreds of cases and conducted many jury trials of all levels of felonies in the 10th, 56th, 212th, and 405th Judicial District Courts.

Thomas’s time as a prosecutor taught him how to analyze a criminal case for strengths and weaknesses. He took great pride in taking difficult cases to trial by jury and overcoming the challenges they presented. Thomas is taking the skills and experience he gained at the District Attorney’s Office to now assist those who have been accused of a crime. He understands that underneath the accusation there is a person who just needs help. Thomas is committed to applying his knowledge of how the prosecution thinks and operates to benefit those who have been accused and ensure that they receive the justice they so truly deserve.

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